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Web Design and Data Management for Firefighters, Rescue Techs, EMTS, Medics, and All Others Who Save Lives Phone 301.475.1900   
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February 5, 2024:
Introducing Upgraded SmarterMail and
October 26, 2023:
Deprecate TLS 1.0/1.1 Security Protocols
June 17, 2023:
SmarterMail Software Upgrade and Welcome to
January 12, 2023:
Introducing New Emergency Alert Screens for Display Boards
June 9, 2022:
Facebook Auto-Pull, New Database Access Level, More Disk Storage, and Google/Microsoft Single Sign On
October 21, 2021:
Facebook Auto-Post Now Available

Our customers are the best part of Firehouse Solutions, so we want to make sure they receive great service and continually have positive experiences when they work with our team. Please take a moment to Submit a Testimonial. Also, please read what some of our customers have said about us below.

"From the very beginning, Ron & his team were excellent to work with. They were super helpful and successfully helped me navigate the ins and outs of the website structure. We came over from another website hosting company after they abruptly closed down."

"The team was successful at grabbing most of the info from our old website and made this new one far superior than what it was. The additional benefits are absolutely worth it! The data forms, members area, & display boards are leading the way in digital public safety tools. I cannot express how great and helpful the display boards truly are. If you are on the fence, don't be. You will not be disappointed in anyway with all that's offered with Firehouse Solutions!"

Stockdale Volunteer Fire Department JJ Cullen
Stockdale Volunteer Fire Department

"From the beginning to steady state Ron, Tyler, Jason and the rest of the Firehouse Solutions team have been on point. They did what they said they would, when they said they would do it and could not have been more accommodating for our timeline. We have needed to do some tweaks here and there and they have been on top of every minor thing we have asked. If you are looking to up your game in this arena I would 100% recommend Firehouse Solutions. One of our members asked me why we needed to up our game? I said when you are paying nothing you get nothing. Yes the service costs money but so far it's worth every penny"

Chester Volunteer Fire Company Bruce Schmeal
Chester Volunteer Fire Company

"Our fire department website has become a vital part of promoting our company, soliciting funds, and recruiting new members. In fact, our website immediately conveys to visitors everything about our company including our image. The website also provides important information about our company and our community."

"We felt it was time to have our website redesigned with a more bright and attractive look. The web team at Firehouse Solutions gave us exactly what we were looking for with their creativity, talent, and ability to work with us to ensure that every detail was satisfactory. We are more than pleased, with positive comments from our members and web visitors. We highly recommend Firehouse Solutions for web hosting and design."

East Whiteland Fire Company Randy Cockerham
East Whiteland Fire Company

"The creative ability of the entire staff at Firehouse Solutions is simply amazing. No second thought should be given to their ability to increase your departments' exposure, as well as establishing a way of keeping all your members updated with the latest department news! A perfect solution in a high tech world!"

Westerly Ambulance Corps, Inc. Michael T. Brancato
Westerly Ambulance Corps, Inc.

"The team at Firehouse Solutions is an amazing group. One of the qualities I love about the organization is to be able to collaboratively work with them in coming up with new and innovative items to incorporate into our web page. There has never been an enhancement to our site that Ron said wasn't possible."

"Any Fire Department looking for a place to host their site should look no further. Firehouse Solutions not only provides the solution as a web provider but will also provide the support needed to help you streamline your organization and operations. Firehouse Solutions is the whole package when it comes to taking your organization into the digital age!"

Solomons Volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire Department Norman Rea
Solomons Volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire Department

"I contacted Ron about creating a website with Firehouse Solutions and within 2 days I received a phone call back and the process began. I will say that the customer service is top notch. If I had to email them they would respond back in a very timely manner and assisted me with any questions or concerns I had."

"I would definitely recommend Firehouse Solutions to any Fire Department/Rescue Squad looking to create a website for their organization. Thank you Firehouse Solutions for all your hard work and making the transition from our old site to the new one flawless."

Shepherds Fire-Rescue Danny Beauvais
Shepherds Fire-Rescue

"Firehouse Solutions went above and beyond on the design and helping getting us started with our new website! We will definitely be keeping them as our host for years to come! The work on the site looks great. Thanks again fellows!"

Boring Volunteer Fire Company Charles Stinchcomb
Boring Volunteer Fire Company

"For years we had website which was not very user friendly and just did not offer the "Jump Out" effect that our volunteers were looking for. In my travels, I kept hearing more and more about Firehouse Solutions. Switching to Firehouse Solutions was the BEST move we could have made! Ron & Tyler go above and beyond in customer service, and we have had nothing but praises from residents in our community and surrounding area! Thanks again Ron & Tyler. Job Well Done."

Columbia Quick Response Service Frank A. Splain, Jr.
Columbia Quick Response Service

"When we set out to update our existing website, we looked for a solution that would fit our needs. Firehouse Solutions was that choice, the ease of working with Ron and the team made the whole transition a breeze. His team worked very diligently to create our current website which has updated our look on the web. His team was able to effectively take some of our old site, email system and other information and transform it into an awesome website. We will and have recommended them to anyone who asks. So from all of us at Wagontown, Thank You Firehouse Solutions."

Wagontwon Fire Company Todd Ziegler
Wagontown Fire Company

"Thank you for making it possible to share our department with others through a great website design. The process was very painless and open communication with your friendly staff made it very smooth. Your company has made it so easy for anyone to place information of the site, from the main page to the Member’s Area. Thanks again for great customer service through your support services division and quick turn-around times. The entire department is enjoying what you have created for us."

Stafford Volunteer Fire Department Jason Schmidt
Stafford Volunteer Fire Department

"I would just like to thank the Firehouse Solutions team for all of their hard work during out website set-up process. Firehouse Solutions has the most respectable and honest customer service team I have ever dealt with. Our website has turned into a major turning point in our departments history as it keeps members up to date with training, important meetings and other events. Our website has been successful in bringing in new members and donations to our department. The clean and professional appearance of the website design has been praised by many in our community and surrounding communities. Thank you again."

Millwood Fire Department Marc Kavy
Millwood Fire Department

"We would like to say thank you to Firehouse Solutions for helping us update our department webpage. The Bedford Fire Department conducted exhaustive research on many webpage companies. Right from the start, the Firehouse Solution system was well received by our members, and citizens alike. With the online calendar and email updates, getting information to our members has never been easier. With the help of Firehouse Solutions, we have been able to provide much public safety information via our webpage. Getting started was a snap. Even our less tech-savvy members were easily acquainted with the system."

Bedford Fire Department Robert Mazurak
Bedford Fire Department

"When our Fire Company wanted to upgrade our presence on the web, we looked at many different web design and hosting companies. We chose Firehouse Solutions due to the variety of options and personalized look of their existing sites. We couldn't be happier with making that decision."

"After many long hours spent by our members finding photos and informative information to fill our website, the Firehouse Solutions team worked dilligently to make sure we were 100% satisfied with our work. Late nights of layout changes, content management, and general inquiries were all promptly and efficiently handled to suit our needs."

"With the release of our upgraded website, we have received great feedback from not only fellow firefighters, but our Community as well - and that is the main target audience of our site. Allowing the residents and visitors of our district to see what we do on a day to day basis with an easy to maintain website keeps them well informed and increases our relations with the public."

"Thanks Firehouse Solutions!"

Westwood Fire Company John Sly
Westwood Fire Company

"Having a web site for seven years caused us to become very complacent and bored. Using seven year old technology also didn't help matters either. We had no idea! To say we feel like a kid at Christmas would best describe us now. Firehouse Solutions makes us feel like we are their only customer, answering all of our questions and e-mails without delay and nothing is ever a problem. We can finally convey to those that we serve and to our own members. Many thanks for setting us up and we look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with Firehouse Solutions."

Kennett Fire Company No. 1 Tony Talamonti
Kennett Fire Company No. 1

"Firehouse Solutions has taken fire department web design to the next level. Unlike other design companies, Firehouse Solutions allows their customers to have an opinion on the creation of their website. Our website has taken off like a wild fire and we have recieved an enormous amount of praise throughout the country. The Staff has not only provided us with an unbelievable website, but they have also shared their computer skills and knowledge with our members that has allowed our company to maintain the site independently."

"Each customer has been able to create a website that is unique in their own way that best describes their department. I would like to personally thank the staff at Firehouse Solutions for their time and effort with our website and for helping to restore the pride and the brotherhood of the Fire Service within our fire company. Firehouse Solutions treats you like family, and that alone is the true meaning of Brotherhood."

Union Fire Company No. 1 Sam Terry
Union Fire Company No. 1

"Firehouse Solutions has provided us with a top-notch website. The ability to update and maintain the site ourselves has taken us to the next level in web design and technology. The Firehouse Solutions Staff has always kept us on the cutting edge of technology and once again our site is one of the best on the World Wide Web. This in turn has instilled pride and boosted morale among our membership. Thanks to Firehouse Solutions for a job well done."

Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department John Raley
Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department

"Firehouse Solutions has taken web page technology and made it firefighter friendly. Customer service is top notch and I would recommend Firehouse Solutions to any department that wishes to build morale, pride, and community awareness."

Benedict Fire & EMS Sean Kerrigan
Benedict Fire & EMS

"Firehouse Solutions makes having a web site an easy and enjoyable experience. The support and timely response is first class. Thanks to Ron and Firehouse Solutions, our department has a technology driven site that is controlled by our members."

Murrysville Fire Rescue Jason Heider
Murrysville Fire Rescue

"Firehouse Solutions took the previous HVFD website to the next level. The Members Area is a great feature which allows our members to start and reply to discussion threads, post calendar events, and view various station documents. Best of all, Firehouse Solutions made it easy for our members to draft incident stories and attach pictures which can be quickly reviewed and posted by the HVFD Web Master."

Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department Steve Facini
Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department

"You have added the best ingredient to your business, customer service. Good customer service is hard to find. Keep up the good work. I had a boss once who always told me, make your customer look good. You've done that."

Hughesville Fire & EMS< Jimmy Rose
Hughesville Fire & EMS

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