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Web Design and Data Management for Firefighters, Rescue Techs, EMTS, Medics, and All Others Who Save Lives Phone 301.475.1900   
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February 5, 2024:
Introducing Upgraded SmarterMail and
October 26, 2023:
Deprecate TLS 1.0/1.1 Security Protocols
June 17, 2023:
SmarterMail Software Upgrade and Welcome to
January 12, 2023:
Introducing New Emergency Alert Screens for Display Boards
June 9, 2022:
Facebook Auto-Pull, New Database Access Level, More Disk Storage, and Google/Microsoft Single Sign On
October 21, 2021:
Facebook Auto-Post Now Available
Features Overview

Websites designed by Firehouse Solutions are much more powerful than static websites. We use advanced technology to create professional, high quality, and fully-interactive web solutions. We provide our customers the latest tools to keep their website up-to-date.

Public Tools

Home Page Home Page
Since the home page, or front page, is the most important element within a website, Firehouse Solutions uses advanced programming technology and quality graphics to keep your visitors interested in every visit. We develop eye-catching home pages that are updated every time a news story is posted on your website. We also use random imaging so that banners and graphics are different each time the website is visited.
Dynamic News & Images News
Updated news and photos boosts web traffic and retains your visitors. Our news section allows all of your members to participate in keeping the website up-to-date. With a simple graphical interface in the members area, your members can write news stories and add photos quick and easy. Once approved by an officer, the stories will instantly appear on your public website!
Content Management Content Management
Our services offer an advanced solution when it comes to keeping your content sections up-to-date. Our websites include a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor so that you can keep your pages updated easily. If you prefer, you could also use your own HTML editor, and simply import the finished design into your website. But the best part of our content management system is that specific members can be assigned to keep specific sections up-to-date.
Guestbook Guestbook
A guestbook is a great way to gain feedback from the community. Our guestbooks are a easy to use and can be managed by your department. The guestbook can be configured to allow all entries to immediately appear on the public website, or configured so that entries are approved before they appear.
Guestbook Firefighter Profiles
This feature allows your organization to portray their bravest to the community and show off the men and women who operate your day-to-day operation. The profiles can be updated within the Members Area by users themselves.
Community Mailing List Community Events
This feature allows your department to easily post public events. It is a great place to post bingos, card partys, open house, dances, car washes, or any other fundraiser your department supports.

Members Area Tools

Peronnel Management Personnel Management
As your members visit your website, they can apply for access to the members area. Once approved, they are able to login and view the secured members area. Personnel Management keeps track of all the members in your company that participate in the members area. Designated department managers can view, add, or update this section.
E-Alerts E-Alerts
E-Alerts allow your members to be automatically e-mailed when new posts are placed on the website. For an example, one member can select to be alerted for every announcement and discussion forum post. Another member may just want to be e-mailed when calendar events are posted.
Announcements Announcements
Announcements can be posted and appear on the main page of the Members Area. Announcements eventually expire and are stored in an archive so that they can be viewed later. This section is a great way to post information for your members since it is at the top of the Members Area welcome page.
Online Calendar Online Calendar
Any member can post events to your online calendar. The online calendar is a quality tool that can be used to track your business meetings, drills, training events, work details, or any other events that involve your department's daily activities.
Online Calendar Databases
Databases allows you to create and deploy your own data collection solutions. You can quickly create public and members area forms and databases. Import existing excel spreadsheets and export databases to excel.
Discussion Forum Discussion Forum
The discussion forum is used within the Members Area for inter-departmental communication. Officers can be assigned as moderators to the discussion forum in order to keep the collaboration clean.
Documents Documents
The documents section offers a centralized location for your company's electronic documents. Members can easily post crew lists, standard operating guidelines, top run reports, etc. Since this section is located in the Members Area, it is totally secured to your membership only and cannot be accessed by public website visitors.
Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes
This section allows the secretary of your company to post the most up-to-date minutes. All of the minutes for the company can be stored and archived allowing easy viewing by your members. This section is similar to the documents section and is secured to only your members.
Live Chat Live Chat
Live chat is a feature in the Members Area. It is an easy-to-use one chatroom that is safe and secure. Live chat can be used by inviting a group of members to chat online at a specific date or time.
Duty Scheduling Duty Scheduling
Our duty scheduling system allows customers to establish crews, shifts, and positions on a calendar-based scheduling program. Once deployed, members can sign up for the whole shifts or partial shifts.
Display Boards Display Boards
Display boards are simply electronic bulletin boards that run on a high-definition television to present helpful information to firefighters. Like all of our tools, we have built our Display Board Technology so that customers can build and customize them to fit their own needs. Administrators can add/remove widgets on a Display Board. A widget can display weather, recent announcements, today's duty crew, etc. Display Boards can even present information directly from a database within your website. If there is an active severe weather alert in your county, it will scroll along the footer.
Signup Sheets Signup Sheets
Firehouse Solutions Signup Sheets completely eliminates the need to print out and post traditional paper signup sheets at your station. Sign Up Sheets can be used for a wide verity of things ranging from Duty Crews, Clothing Orders, Special Events, Fundraisers so much more.
Rental Calendar Rental Calendar
Our rental calendar allows you to log events for any rentals such as social halls, pavilions, fire station, etc.

Additional Services

SmarterStats™ Visitor Tracking SmarterStats™ Visitor Tracking
SmarterStats offers the most advanced website statistics in the industry. This tool is an easy way to keep track of your website traffic, most frequent pages visited, top search engines, most referred website, and much more. Have detailed website reports e-mailed to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
SmarterStats™ Visitor Tracking SmarterMail™ Enterprise
SmarterMail delivers Exchange-level email server software and instant messaging. With lower hardware requirements, superior stability and reduced maintenance costs, SmarterMail has significantly lower TCO and is the best-in-class Microsoft Exchange alternative for businesses and hosting companies.
Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization
After your website is deployed, Firehouse Solutions takes the time to optimize your site with various search engines. Our team of developers can put your company's website at the top of the most popular engines and directories! Within a few weeks, you'll notice the large volume of keyword-targeted traffic that your website will achieve. Search engines continually change their algorithms, or rules, for listing on the top spots. We keep you ahead of the competition, increasing your website's exposure and dramatically boosting web traffic.
Domain Registration Domain Registration
Firehouse Solutions handles all of the hassles involved in domain registration for our customers. After we register a domain for our website, ownership of the domain will belong to your department. If you already have a domain registered we can assist you with pointing that domain to our servers.
Web Hosting Web Hosting
Our team guarantees that our websites will be online 99.5% of the time. Our web servers are located in Newark, Delaware. They are maintained and supported by highly trained engineers 24/7. We are obligated to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted web hosting experience.

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