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Web Design and Data Management for Firefighters, Rescue Techs, EMTS, Medics, and All Others Who Save Lives
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Web Design and Data Management for Firefighters, Rescue Techs, EMTS, Medics, and All Others Who Save Lives Phone 301.475.1900    Live Chat
Firehouse Solutions Firehouse Solutions

July 8, 2021:
Aladtec Integration Upgrade, Push to Calendar, and Button Styling
April 29, 2021:
Introducing Microsoft Azure Weather Widgets for Display Boards
October 13, 2020:
Firehouse Solutions Partners with Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Services
September 8, 2020:
Documents/Meeting Minutes Search and Display Board Upgrades
December 11, 2019:
SmarterMail Enterprise Password Requirement Strength
September 1, 2019:
Server Upgrades and Network Expansion
Support Overview

What separates Firehouse Solutions from other companies is the unsurpassed level of service and support we provide. Our knowledgeable support team ensures that requests are carefully reviewed and completed in a timely manner.

Current customers can access our Customer Support Center to submit your request. You can also generate a support request by e-mailing our team at Your request will be answered as quickly as possible. If additional time is required to complete the request, we will notify you.

If you still have questions, need immediate assistance, or simply wish to talk to a human, feel free to contact us at (301) 475-1900.

Remote Desktop Support

On occasion, our team may need to access your computer in order to troubleshoot complex problems, such as e-mail software settings or website browser issues.

TeamViewer Firehouse Solutions uses TeamViewer for all remote support issues. To allow us to connect to your computer, simply follow these easy steps:
  1. Download and run the appropriate application below.
    TeamViewer QuickSupport for Windows
    TeamViewer QuickSupport for Mac
    TeamViewer QuickSupport for Android
    TeamViewer QuickSupport for iOS
  2. Supply your ID and Password to our support representative.
  3. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and let us fix it.
Note: TeamViewer does not install as an application on desktop computers. Once the remote support session with our team has ended, we will no longer be able to access your hardware without a new ID and Password.