Display Boards

Display Boards are electronic bulletin boards designed to run 24/7 on a high-definition television. They are used to assist first responders with helpful, life-saving, and real-time information from your Members Area.

Display Boards

Emergency Alert Screens

Real-Time Incident Information, Responders, and Mapping
Activated by ActiveAlert, our display board alert screens provide pertinent information to first responders, including mapping, directions, Google Street View, responding members, incident details, timers, and more. We also support embed code. Thus, you can customize information on the emergency alert screen, such as traffic cams, hospital status, hydrants out-of-service, etc.

Panorama Google Maps

All Emergency Alert Screens

Features and Capabilities

Real-Time Animated High Definition Weather Maps
Deploy radar and infrared maps on your display boards using Microsoft Azure Weather Services (partnered with Accuweather). Set latitude, longitude, zoom level, style, and dimensions. Maps are animated and refreshed every 15 minutes. No API keys required.

High Definition Radar High Definition Infrared

Current Weather Conditions and Forecasts
First responders can keep a watch on current conditions and forecasts. Current conditions are updated every 15 minutes. Forecasts can be displayed hourly (up to 24 hours) and daily (up to 10 days). No API keys required.

Current Weather Conditions and Forecasts

Databases and All Members Area Features
Deploy announcements, calendar, sign up sheets, discussions, document library, meeting minutes, and much more. Any database can also be deployed to a display board. Updates are in real-time.

Announcements Databases

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Firehouse Solutions offer hardware/installation?
Not at this time. It is the customer's responsibility to purchase and install the HDTV. However, we do recommend using Google Chrome browser.

How many display boards can we run?
There is no limit to the number of display boards that can be deployed. They can even be deployed in homes, businesses, and workshops.

Are display boards run in a secure environment?
Yes. The boards are locked down by IP address. They also utilize SSL encryption.

Can a display board be used as a primary response tool?
No. Display boards operate via an internet connection. Therefore, they should only be used as a supplemental response tool.

What happens if there is an interruption in our internet service?
The display board will continue presenting the most recent data it had acquired before the interruption. The connection status indicator on the bottom left will update to "DISCONNECTED" in red. Once the internet connection is re-established, the display board will automatically reconnect with our servers and the indicator will update to "CONNECTED" in green.

When is the ticker on the bottom activated?
The ticker on the bottom of all display boards is activated by severe weather alerts from the national weather service.

What kind of real-time information can be displayed on the board?
Real-time information can be displayed through the use of widgets. We have built widgets for Active911, Announcements, Calendar, Databases, Discussions, Duty Scheduling, Images, Signup Sheets, Weather and much more. You may also use an Embed Code widget that supports custom HTML.

How do we get alarm data to display?
The alarm screen is triggered by Active911. You may obtain a token from Active911 in order for the display capture the alarm data. Active911 is pinged every 15 seconds.

How do we customize or update the display board?
Display boards are 100% customizable by the customer. Settings are available for number of columns, color scheme, text size, etc.

How does the display board get the latest software updates?
Display boards are coded to automatically refresh the browser every 24 hours. At this time, the latest software updates are deployed automatically. Set it and forget it.